Grave Danger LIVE on Steam Greenlight!

Hey everyone!

We've been diligently working on our game Grave Danger for a while now, and we're wrapping it up. Right now we're putting the finishing touches on this awesome game, one which I am most proud to have produced from start to finish. As such, we must find a home for Grave Danger for it's December 2016 release.

I'd like for that home to be the Steam Marketplace!

Now we need your help! It's time to get Grave Danger voted onto the Steam Marketplace! Please visit the Grave Danger Steam Greenlight page and give us a big VOTE YES and leave a comment if you'd like! We're really excited to be making this awesome game, and we need your support!

Well hey, thanks for checking in with us! We'll be updating more following up the release, and are super excited to see Grave Danger launch!


-Jeff (JB)