Grave Danger Update 1.0.1

Hey everyone! I'm here to tell you about the small update that just went out for Grave Danger - version 1.0.1! 

After watching some gameplay videos and getting some feedback, here's the changes that have been made for this version:

  • Added a checkpoint graveyard behind Malice that appears after you rescue him. 
  • Dante can now dash-jump off of ropes, ladders, and other climbable terrain. 
  • New achievements “Participation Badge” and “Wall Meat”. 
  • Reduce the difficulty of a jump in level 6, Deathpeak Peril 
  • Enemies now spawn much less frequently, taking 30 seconds longer to respawn than before. 
  • A robot now spawns facing a different way in level 7, making puzzle easier. 
  • Fix multiple visual and collision issues. 
  • Fix a bug where some sound effects could play more than once at the same time. 
  • Fix a bug where a character will display the wrong key graphic before using it. 
  • Fix a bug where you can drop dynamite at start of level on level 4

As you can see, I'm keeping a close eye on all the things Grave Danger! Come check out the Steam store front if you haven't already!

Here are some other things that happened outside of development: 

Once again, thanks for tuning in, and more great stuff to come!