What's JB Gaming Up to? Grave Danger!

Hello World!

My recent blog posts have gone over how JB Gaming has moved into a new office, aiming for a different direction, and a little bit of where I started as a game developer. I thought it was time to update the world on what we're currently up to!

Right now, we're developing a game titled Grave Danger. It's JB Gaming's first attempt at creating a PC and Console game, and it's my first professional game that isn't on mobile. I'm pretty excited to be working on it! We've just launched the website for it here: www.gravedangergame.com.

The game takes nods to classic side scroller games that I loved and adored from childhood into adulthood. These games include: Megaman, Megaman X, Castlevania, and The Lost Vikings.

The cowboy character is nimble and can walljump and dash!

Just like in the Megaman series, gameplay will be fast paced and precise movement centric. From the Lost Vikings, the player will be able to switch between different characters to solve certain puzzles and defeat certain enemies. From Castlevania, we're taking inspiration from the dark brooding themes, and also the character switching from classics such as Castlevania 3.

The grim reaper character can float through the air and wields a mighty scythe.

We're working diligently on this game, and plan on doing some crowd funding this summer. To be honest, we need your help! Please do all you can to help spread the word and interest about Grave Danger! Visit our twitter or sign up for our mailing list on the website!

Until next time.